Home Monitoring

Protect your home for rates as low as:$15.95/mo

Wireless Security Cameras by SEKURE

Home Security for SEKURE by RND Technology provides security solutions which are tailored to fit your lifestyle without compromising on technology and quality. Our Houston wireless security camera systems integrate burglary protection, flood monitoring, and fire monitoring to provide you peace of mind and protection for you and your family.

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Home Security from SEKURE SMART SECURITY provides:

Burglary Monitoring

Our cutting-edge Houston wireless security camera technology is a combination of surveillance cameras with your doors and windows to detect the burglars with a blink of eye.

Flood Monitoring

Our innovative flood protection systems use Houston Wireless Security Cameras alert you instantly whenever standing water is detected in your home.

Fire Monitoring

Our Houston wireless home fire monitoring and protection systems are equipped with smart smoke detectors which instantly alerts fire monitoring system of your home.

Security Monitoring

Free activation, free yard sign, 24/7 monitoring, free back-up supply, and industry leading response time is all about of our SEKURE Security Monitoring package!

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Home Security

With ever evolving lifestyles, home security is just not about only keeping your homes secure. These days it is more about giving you a peace of mind and protecting your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is a surprise that often it happens when we need our home security systems most and then we discover that we simply cannot rely on them. Home Security for SEKURE SMART SECURITY gives you that satisfaction and the peace of mind by catering the different needs of different homes in Houston.

Out of 36 million security systems in United States, 50% of these are found in homes. It is very much clear that people want to protect more what matters to them most in their lives.

Home Security from SEKURE SMART SECURITY offers Houston Wireless Security Camera solutions including burglary and fire monitoring. These are tailored to fit your lifestyle without compromising on technology and quality as we believe that every home is different and accordingly their needs are different.

Home Security from SEKURE SMART SECURITY Technology helps you monitor:


Our home security systems smartly monitor the changes in temperature which may often results in bursting of pipes and other damages caused by low temperature if not monitored. When out of home you can also schedule the settings of your thermostat so that you incur lower cost of energy. All this can also be done when you are not at home using our App in your smart phone or tablet. In critical situations, it can also automatically turn off your thermostat.

Power consumption

With our smart monitoring systems, you can track activities in your home, like when someone arrives or leaves, locking doors, turning on lights and more all from your Smartphone. So if you suddenly remember you forgot to switch of lights or any other gadget, you can easily set them off and travel with a peace of mind.

Home Security for SEKURE SMART SECURITY provides Basic and Wireless monitoring. Basic monitoring sends you alert messages. Wireless monitoring work by communicating with sensors that will be installed in the house.

You can begin securing your home with plans starting from $15.95 a month. Contact us now for a free consultation.