Home Management

Protect your home for rates as low as:$34.95/mo

Your home, powered by a remote

Turn your smartphone into a remote control that you can use to easily manage your lights, thermostat, locks, alarm system, security cameras and more with SEKURE. Your phone then has access to a Houston home security camera and alarm system for your loved ones.

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Security Management

Control your Houston home security cameras and alarm systems for your smart home right from your device.

Energy Management

Save money by efficiently managing your energy consumption.

Surveillance Management

Keep an eye on your Houston home and business with our HD home security cameras.

Peace of Mind

With SEKURE Home Management, you will be notified of any motion that gets detected or any door that gets opened. With our Houston HD home security cameras and alarm systems you can view live or pre-recorded footage at anytime on your device.

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Powerful Management

SEKURE Home Management allows you to manage your energy consumption, your alarm system, surveillance system, and more. All you need is a device that can connect to the Internet.

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Smart Home Automation with SEKURE Home Management

Worried about the security of your property when you are not around or during nights or in course of unexpected calamities? Well as per a recent survey, approximately 40% of Americans, worry about if they left a door open or an appliance turned on or an old person night walking. Don’t worry any more. We help you monitor your home 24/7 with our Houston home security systems and alarms to protect you and your family and property from any unforeseen event.

With our SEKURE Security Monitoring service we provide 24/7 alarm surveillance every time of the day, each day of the year. SEKURE Security Monitoring services controls protection through protective sensors, installed to defend against uncalled for events. This implies, that your home’s security system will be under surveillance 24/7 by a specialist. And, if he sees any suspicious activity or event, he will immediately send out alarms to you and to police, fire, or other emergency services within minutes at any sign of danger to your family, home or property. So, now you can relax and enjoy, knowing your home is in safe hands with comprehensive Houston home security cameras and alarm systems.

We boast our SEKURE Security Monitoring about

  • 24/7 connection of all home security devices to a monitoring service station.
  • Plain sailing to your home’s security system.
  • Prompt notification and instant alert of emergency services.
  • Assured security even when you’re not around.

You can begin securing your home with plans starting from $15.95 a month. To discuss more about the plans please contact us.

Basic Monitoring

The basic monitoring of your home can begin by installing a protective device. The only requirement to receive alert messages is an active Phone Line . No activation fee will be charged for basic monitoring.

Wireless Monitoring

Monitor your home with our SEKURE Wireless Monitoring system. These security monitoring device work by communicating with sensors that will be installed in the house. These networks will alert you if your base level is overflowing, if there is an unwanted guest in the middle of the night, or if you are traveling and suddenly remember that you have forgotten to close the window or door.

To activate our SEKURE wireless monitoring you will require a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) module. Call us at 281-712-2329 or write to us at sales@rndtek.com to plan your custom quote.

Smartphone Monitoring

The Smartphone monitoring system is the most advanced of all. Here, the security devices are interconnected through a control panel, where the system is armed and disarmed. The control panel also indicates alert for breach of security and when devices are set-off and sends alerts to dispatch emergency services. With Smartphone monitoring you can track activities in your home, like when someone arrives or leaves, locking doors, turning on lights and more all from your Smartphone.

SEKURE Smartphone Monitoring features:

  • Remote arm & disarm
  • Current alarm status
  • Text / email notifications
  • Alarm event history
  • Full zone information

You can choose any of the method of SEKURE Security Monitoring to get an outstandingly detailed protection of your house. We make you feel at home even when you’re not at home. Contact us now to get protected and secure with SEKURE.